Single Room Complete

‘Single Room Complete’ is our comprehensive online design service. With dimensions and photos of your room and some input from you, we will create a floorplan and specifications for:

Walls, Flooring, Window Treatment, Furniture and Decorative Lighting

For a fixed cost of £899 per room, you will receive a PDF mood board (View an Example) containing a floor plan, images, interior design notes and a full shopping list, including supplier details to purchase specified items or request samples.

You will need photos to upload during the booking process (one photo from each corner of the room and any others that may be useful) along with a floorplan. (View instructions on sketching a floorplan).


Frequently asked questions

Key Facts

Full Terms & Conditions

Frequently Asked Questions

We will begin work on your project once we have received payment and all requested information.  Our timescales for completing your package are as follows:

  • The Three Essentials Package – 15 working days (excluding weekends and public holidays)
  • Single Room Complete – 25 working days (excluding weekends and public holidays)

We ask you questions about your needs and style preferences during the online booking process and ask for photographs to give us an idea of the space.

The Single Room Design Service is an online service; therefore, we cannot provide contact by phone or video call.  You can always email us at

Your completed package will contain a list of all specified items and supplier contact details.  It is then over to you to purchase the items with the supplier directly.  This also applies to obtaining samples.

If any of the specified suppliers operate as trade-only, we would happily help you place an order.  Don’t hesitate to contact us by email at, quoting your name and order number.

A floor plan (with measurements) is only required for the Single Room complete package.  If you do not have a floor plan of your room that you can upload during the booking process, please click here to view instructions on how to sketch one. 

Please indicate in your booking any items you would like to use along with photographs if possible.  We will review these items during the booking process.

We appreciate that there will be occasions when certain items specified in your package are not to your liking. The Essentials Package allows one single-item change, and the Single Room Complete package allows two single-item changes.  Further item changes can be provided at £100 per item.

Our Single Room Design Service is only available in the United Kingdom.  Please email us at, and we will let you know if this changes.

Example Mood Board

Please note that some information has been obscured from the mood board to protect our client’s confidentiality.

Key Facts

  1. Single Room Design Services provided by Charlotte Crosland Interiors are only available to UK-based clients.
  2. Single Room Design services provided by Charlotte Crosland Interiors are online only.  All communications are via email.
  3. The Single Room Design Service, offered in two packages, is priced per room:
    1. The Three Essentials Package – £499 including VAT
    2. The Single Room Complete Package – £899 including VAT
  4. You must provide Charlotte Crosland Interiors with photos of your room. For the Single Room Complete package, you must also provide a floor plan with measurements.
  5. After you book via our website, Charlotte Crosland Interiors will review your information and email you a payment link. Once you make payment and provide any other requested information, we will confirm your booking.
  6. The timescale for completing your selected package (starting from the date we confirm your booking) are:
    1. The Three Essentials Package – 15 (fifteen) business days.
    2. The Single Room Complete Package – 25 (twenty-five) business days
  7. Alternative Item Choice(s). If, after Charlotte Crosland Interiors completes your package and provides it to you via email, you require an alternative item suggestion(s), the following applies:
    1. Single Room The Three Essentials – You may request 1 (one) item change without further charge.
    2. Single Room – Single Room Complete – You may request 2 (two) item changes without further charge.
  8. If you require additional item changes, a charge of £100.00 (one hundred) per item will apply.

How to create a floorplan