What is One Room?

Our One-Room design package is the perfect option for revamping a single room in your home. We offer the service remotely via email and video, but for clients in select London postcodes, we also provide our One Room + package, which includes a home visit.

How does the One Room service work?

Initial Questionnaire

You’ll receive an email containing a brief online questionnaire when you purchase one of our One Room packages. This questionnaire invites you to share details about your room, including your goals, preferences, and any elements you dislike. Additionally, we request that you provide us with photographs of your space and a basic sketch of the floor plan. We will provide clear instructions on creating this sketch to ensure accuracy.

Once you have completed the questionnaire, we will review the information and contact you to organise a suitable date and time for an online session.

Pre-Design Online Session

To make the online session more effective, it is recommended that you use Microsoft Teams or Zoom on your smartphone whilst in the room that needs to be transformed. This setup lets you show the space while the session is ongoing, facilitating a more interactive and collaborative experience for you and us. Additionally, it allows you to ask questions and engage in discussions more seamlessly.

Home Visit (One Room + Package Only)

If you have purchased our One Room + package, you receive an initial home visit. Many of the questions usually asked during the Online Session can be answered then. A suitable date/time for the home visit will be discussed during your Pre-Design Online Session.

Design Phase

Designing your space will now commence and can take up to four weeks to complete.  We may go quiet during this phase, but we will be busy behind the scenes!


Your One Room design package will be emailed to you.  You will receive:

  • A floor plan of your room indicates the position of all items
  • A mood board and a room set image 
  • Interior design notes
  • A complete shopping list with supplier details to purchase specified items or request samples
Post Design Follow-Up

We will contact you for your comments and approval a week after sending your completed design.  We hope you are happy with the new design; however, we live in the real world, and sometimes a tweak or two is required.  Our One Room packages provide up to three item changes free of charge.  Further item changes are charged at £100 per item.

Post Design Support

We offer support by e-mail for one month (from the date we send the completed design) for any questions or queries you may have. 

Do the One Room packages have an expiry date?

Yes. The Pre-Design Online Session must be completed within six months of purchase. We will contact you in advance to let you know that your package is expiring.  Expired packages are not eligible for a refund.

What is your refund policy?

Unused One Room packages are eligible for a full refund during the six-month validity period.  No refunds will be issued once the Pre-Design Online session has taken place.

Can I reschedule the date/time of my Pre-Design Online session?

Yes.  You may cancel or reschedule your Pre-Design Online session without charge up to 48 hours before your scheduled session.  Changes made within 48 hours of your scheduled session will incur a rescheduling fee of £150.

When rescheduling your session, please remember that your Pre-Design online session must take place within six months of purchase.

Can I ask you a question about One Room not covered here?

Of course.  Please contact us at and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Can you help with more than one room?

Of course.  Please contact us at to discuss your options.